Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Semi Precious Stones

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to jewellery and probably even more so now with all these semi-precious jewels on the go just now. I love this image of this girl fully embracing the Pocohauntus look! Very jealous of her jewellery.

I've been after a Titanium Quartz ring for a while now but had always managed to avoid temptations but as soon as my student loan came in at the start of the month i knew what it was going on! Titanium aura quartz is formed when titanium is permanently bonded with quartz crystals and there is a stunning end result. This is the bad boy i recently purchased:

Pretty amazing really! If we’d studied this in Chemistry at school instead of heating carbon dioxide in a test tube over a Bunsen burner to see if it smelled I would have been well and truly IN. Maybe I’ll write them a letter; i do also recall the acetone being quite handy for removing chipped nail varnish.

I’ve also got quite a thing for turquoise/teal coloured jewels just now, they’re really refreshing and colourful and since i wear quite a bit of black they’re great for spicing things up. I bought this first ring a couple of months back and was pretty devastated when I thought I’d lost it, I ended up buying a new one after putting it off for so long and the old one turned up the next day! So I now have two J

Just to balance off my teal semi precious collection I’ve also invested in these two necklaces and earrings, I’m in love with anything tribal and feathery just now. I knew Pocohauntus was going to be an inspirational female figure some day!

 I had a really nice weekend and i think my boyfriend liked the surprise castle visit it was such a beautiful  place although kinda creepy and eerie. I’m heading down to Cambridge with them family tomorrow for my Granny’s funeral, it will be nice to see everyone but a devastatingly sad day at the same time. Hello hardcore mag session on the 8 hour train journey.  
Lots of Love
Nic xxxxx