Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tie Dye Jeans

Jeans-c/o Lavish Alice. Jumper- Zara. Top (worn underneath)- vintage. Bag- Zara. Shoes- Topshop

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to show you these amazing tie dye jeans i got from Lavish Alice last week.

I'm always so apprehensive about buying jeans online because more often than not they don't fit, but these fit amazingly i'd definitely recommend them :)

They also have them in pink which are really cool too, I couldn't decide which ones i liked best but i went for blue in the end.  You can find them both here.

Hope you've all had a good weekend.


Friday, 27 April 2012

Jewels and Feathers

Jewellery: Kelly McAllister. Photography: Sam Copeland
Hi Guys,

Here are some snaps from a shoot I did yesterday with Sam Copeland featuring Kelly McAllister jewellery.

I mentioned her stuff in a post back in May last year, but yesterday i actually got to wear some of it!! 

It was raining pretty much the whole time and i lost the feeling in my feet for an hour but it was such a fun shoot. Sam got some amazing shots and the rain definitely added to the ambience.

I officially handed in my last ever piece of coursework at Uni yesterday too so i'm all yours now!

Lots of things to show you guys over the next week too. Pretty new things.


Monday, 23 April 2012

Coated White

Shirt- Zara. Jeans- Zara. Bag- Zara. Shoes- Topshop. Jewellery- Topshop
Ive been wearing these white jeans from Zara so much lately, I'd been contemplating getting some for a while but the potential for stainage always put me off.

 So when i saw these waxed/coated ones in Zara I couldn't talk myself out of it anymore! They are amazing, i spilt coffee on them the other day and it just wiped off!! Revolutionary! definitely the way forward for white jeans.

I also finally got my dissertation handed in last Friday! Such an amazing feeling having it all printed and bound :) Although i still have two more reports to hand in this week but once they re done i'll be  finished being a student foreveeerrrrrr. Scary. Im going to have to find a real job...


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Boyfriend Jeans

Jeans- H&M. Top- Topshop.Bag-Zara.Hat-Urban Outfitters.Shoes- NewLook. Necklace-Topshop

Hi everyone, so this is what i wore for some Sunday mooching yesterday!

I dont wear denim too too much, but I just love the fit and colour of these boyfriend jeans and theyre really comfy too. 

My sister's were both home this weekend so its been nice catching up with them and we managed to squeeze in a few drinks last night too! Hope you all had a nice weekend as well :)

Only four more days until dissertation day! You're probably all getting sick of the countdown but im SO excited to hand it in and celebrate!!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mint Beanie

Beanie- ASOS. Top- Zara. Jean- AllSaints. Shoes-NewLook. Bag- Zara
Hello everyone! Here is what i wore yesterday. I love this bag, its amazing for hauling about my laptop and even has a shoulder strap for easier carrying.

I also tweeted yesterday that id been messing about with my hair and took the kitchen scissors to it to sort my split end situation. This is probably not the recommended procedure but I was getting impatient and couldnt wait to get booked into the hairdresser. whoops! Im reaaally liking it this length though and it feels a lot healthier now!

A week tomorrow until dissertation day. AHH.

Im sorry ive been really rubbish at replying to e-mails this past week, I promise i will get back to you though!

 Hope you've all been having a nice week.

Lots of Love



Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Aztec

Scarf- ZARA. Jumper- VeroModa. Jeans-Guess. Shoes-Topshop. Bag-Topshop

HI GUYS. Happy Easter!

HERE I AMM heading off for some hardcore study fun this morning.

I seem to have built up a bit of a study uniform which usually consists of; Flat shoes, trousers/jeans, a scarf and some kind of jumper.Comfort and warmth are the main factors, so pleased with my practicality of late.

Just a really quick post today so I can get back to work :) Im almost finished writing this report  on ASOS style finder! It could be worse i suppose!

Hope you all have a nice day.  


p.s it was in no way sunny this morning so I dont know why i'm wearing sunglasses.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Uni Bag

Skirt- Zara. Jumper- H&M . Scarf- Zara. Bag- Topshop. Shoes- Topshop
My dad's been going on at me since first year about getting a practical bag for Uni, so I thought now- with three weeks of my degree left to go Id take his advice... better late than never!

 Im not sure if this was quite what he had in mind....BUT the word 'rucksack' was definitely mentioned so i'll take it :)

I love justifying purchases with practicality! Its going to be a sad day when I wont be able to buy something new with "it will help me study better" as a rationalisation...

I also bought this new scarf but I have no excuse for that other than the fact I really liked it. 

Hope you've all had a good weekend