Friday, 31 May 2013

Tinned Bananas

Jacket- Vintage. Top- Tinned Bananas. Shorts- Zara. Shoes-

Wooo for Tinned Bananas! I got this really cool bandeau from them the other week and now I just pretty much want their whole collection in my wardrobe. They have loads of cool velour bikini sets in a bunch of different patterns and colours and some other really stand out pieces including a mesh backless dress that ive also got my eye on. 

Im really excited by the energy of Tinned Bananas. Their clothing is fresh and fun and the fact the everything is made and designed in the UK is an added bonus! 

I have a feeling my suitcase is going to be packed with banana attire before I head back to Aus.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bag Love

Jacket- h&m. Bag- Zara. Dress- Zara. Shoes- She Likes

Yay for the new Zara bag! I love it so much, its going to come everywhere with me for the foreseeable future. All other bags have now been reprimanded.

Apart from being a crazy bag lady Ive also finally decided to make a Facebook page for my blog. That way I can update you guys with new posts much easier and answer any questions you have instead of you having to email me!

Feel free to like and share my page here 

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Top- Thrifted. Skirt- Lavish Alice. Shoes- H&M. Bag- Moschino. 

How amazing is this skirt from Lavish Alice? Im in love with this and just about everything else from their new collection. If you haven't already you definitely need to check it out

Ive teamed it with this vintage mesh baseball top that I found in a thrift shop when I was in Melbourne, I think it gives a really nice sports luxe vibe to the look. There are so many other things I want to wear with this skirt too, Ive a feeling its going to be a bit of a staple for me over summer. I really hope they bring it out in more colours! I would definitely snap up a black version.

It has been so nice and sunny this weekend . Scotland Is looking so nice and green at the moment and especially beautiful when the sun is shining, I really hope it continues for a bit longer.

Hope youve all had a lovely weekend.


Friday, 24 May 2013


Here are some pictures from my Instagram lately! If you dont already follow me, you can find me here:


I love cooking and making pretty food so I'm thinking of starting a healthy cooking page as part of my blog too, what do you guys think?! Is that something you'd be interested in reading?


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lost and Found

Top- Topshop. Bag- Sportgirl.

Hey guys, Ive just come across this photo from a few months ago when I was back in Melbourne. I thought it had been lost forever in a memory card malfunction but its miraculously appeared again! Yay, Ive been meaning to show you this skirt for a little while.

I love how different this skirt is for a high street find, its got such a unique structure and the quality is really good. Ive also found its pretty versatile, I can get away with wearing it in the office and out for a night out depending on how I style it up.

I also miss my hair being so light, I need to get some more sun soon. the Scottish weather is definitely all that its lived up to and more... I didn't think it was normal to get hailstone storms in May but apparently so!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bowler Bag

Bag- Zara

Zara has some pretty amazing bags right now but this one has got to be my favourite, why is pay day so far away?!


Saturday, 18 May 2013


1.   2.  3.45.

Quite often I see an amazing statement piece that I've just got to have (like these stunning Chloe trousers) but when it comes to styling it up its a lot harder than you think! It’s easy to over load an outfit with too many busy accessories and ruin the overall look.

I like to keep things clean so when it comes to bags and shoes I’m a sucker for simple black leather
accessories because I can wear them with almost anything. Investing in some quality leather accessories
is something that can make such a huge difference to an outfit and will last for years if you look after
them properly.

The same goes for jewellery; as much as I love to go crazy on the odd high street jewellery
spree it’s good to have a couple of statement pieces to wear on special occasions. I tend to stick to
silver and pewter pieces of jewellery - the Alexander McQueen
Flower Skull ring and the YSL Arty ring are my two all time favourites.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I would love for both of these pairs of sandals to be in my shoe collection in time for summer. I've been looking for a pair of shoes with a metallic heel for a while now but haven't found any I've liked until I came across these BCBG beauties.
These Zara combination print sandals are equally as amazing and as essential for summer. If only my bank balance could facilitate this...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Silk Separates

Jacket- H&M. Top- Choies. Shorts- Shoes- H&M. Sunglasses- ASOS. Bracelet- Merrin and Gussy

Hey Everyone,

How good is this H&M jacket? It is possibly THE best biker leather jacket I have ever seen on the high street, it was a little more expensive than H&M's usual prices but 100% worth it. Ive been wearing it so much recently and I have a feeling you are going to be seeing a lot more of it on the blog too.

Ive also been dying to show you this little top and shorts set from Choies. I love the silky pyjama-esque feel its got going on, they come together as a set but theyre great for mixing and matching with other pieces too.

A lot of you have been emailing to ask how delivery/customer service is at and for me theyve always been great! Ive always been very happy with anything I have recieved from them so even if there had been a small wait it would be worth it in the end!



Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bye Melbourne...

1. Graffiti on Greville St. 2. View from Elwood beach 3. Flinder's Station White Night 4. Southbank

Hey Guys, 

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will probably know that I'm back in Scotland at the moment for a short break. Its been so great to be home to see family and friends and take advantage of the British high street but I cant help but miss my second home.  

Thankfully my camera is now fixed so I will be back to blogging very very soon ! I have a huge backlog of things to show you all over the next couple of weeks, I think i'm probably going to have to do a post per day to get through it all. I cant wait :) 

Hope you've all been well and missed you all these last few weeks!