Saturday, 18 May 2013


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Quite often I see an amazing statement piece that I've just got to have (like these stunning Chloe trousers) but when it comes to styling it up its a lot harder than you think! It’s easy to over load an outfit with too many busy accessories and ruin the overall look.

I like to keep things clean so when it comes to bags and shoes I’m a sucker for simple black leather
accessories because I can wear them with almost anything. Investing in some quality leather accessories
is something that can make such a huge difference to an outfit and will last for years if you look after
them properly.

The same goes for jewellery; as much as I love to go crazy on the odd high street jewellery
spree it’s good to have a couple of statement pieces to wear on special occasions. I tend to stick to
silver and pewter pieces of jewellery - the Alexander McQueen
Flower Skull ring and the YSL Arty ring are my two all time favourites.


  1. Oh, I want them all! xx

  2. I want everything!! Those sandals are amazing xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  3. I love the sandals and ring - gorgeous xo

  4. great post, you are so right!
    i love the YSL ring the most

  5. LOVE the items you've chosen to pair the trousers with
    S xx

  6. Love the trousers!


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