Thursday, 22 December 2011


Dress- ASOS . Shoes- Topshop . Necklace- Topshop

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Oldschool Denim

Skirt- H&M . Jacket- Topshop (old) . Jumper- ASOS . Bag- John Lewis. Belt- Vintage . Necklace- Miss Selfridge
I love this old school dark denim jacket, i dug it out of my wardrobe the other day after a good few years in storage! Its from Topshop so its even got an old 'moto' label on it, how retro!

Im off to do some last minute Christmas shopping today! Practical shoes are definitely a necessity :)

Its my mum's birthday on Christmas day so i need to get a few birthday related things too! Only four days to go now, i am SO excited. One of my sister's is back home already but the other one arrives on Friday which is also exciiiiting! I love being reunited with family over the holidays.


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Black and Black

Jeans- AllSaints . Top- Topshop . Bag- Zara . Cuffs- ASOS. Necklace- Topshop
 Nothing beats a bit of black on black! All you need to do is add a few accessories and you're good to go!

I wore this for a little escapade this morning to retrieve my car, maybe slightly over dressed for such an occasion but Oh well, im feeling festive :) You'll be happy to know the jaffa cakes went down a treat last night - and so did the beverages! OH my heaaaddd.

I am well and truley beat from the festivities of this weekend, i guess all there is to do now is enjoy the duvet day while my dad cooks us all a roast! mmmmm.



Sunday, 11 December 2011

Cut Outs

Dress- ASOS. Shirt- H&M . Bag- Concept . Hat- ASOS. Shoes- Topshop

You're all going to think im crazy, but i wore this dress out for a few festive drinks on Friday night, its safe to say i was freeezing!

I actually got this dress back in September but hadnt worn it until now, im not really sure why but im glad i dug out it and took it for a little outing.

I handed in some Uni work on Friday and possibly took the celebratory drinks concept a little too far which resulted in staying out until all hours both Friday and Saturday... but it was definitely worth it and all in the name of festive fun.

BUT i wore the white tuxedo jacket last night and i have something awful to report.... somebody STOOD on it, yes! stood on it... or maybe trampled on it is a more suitable phrase...? so there is a massive black footprint on it now and im not even exaggerating. I have a picture to show you as well just to emphasise the tragedy of the situation! open at your own

I dont know how im going to rectify this... any suggestions?

Monday, 5 December 2011

Bobble Hat

Jacket- Oasis . Jumper- American Apparel . Shorts- Zara . Shoes- Topshop . Bag- Concept . Hat- Topshop

 Hi Everyone,

So this is what i wore today! It was so frosty so this hat was a life saver. I even decided to take a blanket with me in my car this morning which was probably the best idea i ever had! I Seriously recommend it, even on the bus, why not?!

Ive been living in these simple black tailored shorts recently. You know sometimes you feel a bit self conscious wearing shorts even if your wearing like a jumper and tights with it? Well these are quite long and loose fitting so you dont have to worry about getting a disapproving look from your Granny. They're high waisted too so look good with a top tucked in or a blouse for a smarter evening look!



Sunday, 4 December 2011

Polo Neck Knit

Jumper- h&M . Skirt6- H&M . Bag- Zara . Hat- ASOS. socks-H&M . Shoes-Topshop

Hi Guys,

Thought i'd just show you this jumper i got in H&M the other day, i love it! does it surprise you that i bought it in black/blue too!? Its not too thick so perfect for layering under leather jackets but it still keeps me warm as well :)

I had to put on some tights before i left the house because its December and i didnt want to catch hypothermia! but this is what i would wear if i lived somewhere of a better climate, one can dream!

Ive been looking for a pleated skirt for aaages so had to buy this when i stumbled across it even though it was  a few sizes too big. I just took it in a few inches at the waistband and i think it looks ok!? what do you guys think?

Hope you all had a good weekend!


Monday, 28 November 2011

Prim and Scruffy

Jacket- Zara . Shorts- Urban Outfitters . Jumper- H&M. Blouse- H&M . Bag- Zara . Shoes- Topshop
Hello everyone,

Here is what i wore to uni today. I started off the morning pretty badly by burning my hand on some boiling hot water and then tripping up the stairs but ten minutes later i found a fiver in my pocket so its aall good!

I love throwing contrasting items of clothing together in one outfit, i started off with this cute blouse under this black jumper and a gold cuff necklace and thought... what can i do to make this look less prim and proper? So i added some ripped high waisted (formerly mens) Levis rolled up shorts and felt waaay more comfortable. Ive had these since i was like 17 and still love them!

Im getting loads of wear out of this jacket too- such a good decision and its really nice and warm BUT i was back in Zara today and as well as seeing that quilted leather i wanted (only one left.... in my size... FATE) I also saw a grey tweed version of this.... help mee!!!

Oh I cant wait to see all of the coverage from the British Fashion Awards tonight too! Very exciting stuff.


Sunday, 27 November 2011


Gillet- H&M . T-shirt- Topman . Dress (worn as skirt)- NewLook . Bag- Zara . Shoes- Topshop

I dont own a lot of graphic tees (if any) but ive grown pretty attached to this one from Topman, its not actually mine -i stole it- so sadly its only a temporary feature of my wardrobe but maybe i will have to invest in a couple of my own! I think this one is a men's XS but it actually fits really well, not too long and not too boxy.

Ive worn it over that metallic dress (again!) because i love it and cant really stop wearing it, it makes me feel like im going to a Christmas party everyday and that makes me happy.

So last night i bit the bullet and wore that Tuxedo jacket out to a party... and surprise surprise it got dirty! :( booo. Thats a trip to the dry cleaners for me this week! It was worth it though. Apart when it got rained on, that wasnt worth it... and by rain i mean a thunder storm. I got thunder stormed on... in my new jacket :(


Saturday, 26 November 2011

White Tuxedo

Jacket- Zara . Shorts- American Apparel . Belt- Warehouse . Lace top- H&M . Bag- Vintage

I love this white Tuxedo Jacket so much, Zara really do have their Tailoring down to a T this season (quite literally)! The only problem im facing so far is the fear of wearing it out anywhere that might involve it getting dirty... or worse... STAINED.

Even thinking about this jacket being in the proximity of mulled wine this Christmas gives the shivers.. haha, am i weird?

I got these shorts three years ago in Vancouver (one of my absolute favourite places ever) although their just from American Apparel so you can pretty much get them anywhere, they still remind me of Canada and all the beautiful places we saw. Its definitely one of my first pitt stops when i graduate.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.


p.s i promise i'll try and bring you some smiiiles tomorrow !

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Dress- Newlook . Leather Blazer- Zara . Sparkly tights- H&M . Bag- Zara . Hat- ASOS
I've been reliving my childhood in these sparkly tights recently. I remember the best thing about the festive season  when i was younger was getting to wear your sparkly tights to the Christmas party, It was always a big decision between gold or silver for me!

Im quite often drawn to clothes that i find nostalgic, is anyone else like that too or am i just a bit of a creep?! First is was the flares that reminded me of Tammy girl then the Dalmatian print and now these. Please some one slap me if i start wearing those shiny sports trousers again! (I really hope im not the only one that used to do that...)

I was in a bit of a rush to get to Uni this morning hence the untied shoes laces, lack of make up and general dishevelled appearance! But its fine, anything goes if you're wearing sparkles on your legs.

Happy Friday Eve!



Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Shimmery Silver

Dress(worn as skirt)- NewLook . Jumper- Urban Outfitters . Scarf- AllSaints . Bag- Topshop

 Im loving this metallic silver dress i got the other day, apart from being drawn to the shimmery fabric i love that it has all these tiny little pleats around it and a slightly scalloped edge. I cant wait to wear it on its own for some festivities soon as well :)

I got this scarf from AllSaints a year ago and its been such a saviour every winter! When it first came into the shop we weren't sure if it was meant to be a throw, a shawl or a scarf because its made of quite a tough fabric but in the end it turned out to be a scarf (i reckon i would have bought it either way) Theres so much fabric to it so its ridiculously warm, maybe thee warmest scarf ive ever worn? bold statement !

Sorry if im looking pretty vacant in these photos! Im not sure if its down to the fact i have no mascara on or the fact that ive been up at 6am every day this week but either way i think i need to stick some cucumbers on my eyes and have an early night!



Thursday, 17 November 2011


Shirt- H&M . Blazer- Zara . Skirt- H&M . Hat- ASOS. Bag- Topshop . Rings- B&Q

Goodness only knows how this shirt got so creased! It had literally just come straight off the hanger. Its actually got a metallic kind of shimmery effect to it but you cant see it to well here. I love it, creases and everything -its all part of the charm!

These were actually my second pair of tights of the morning, JUST as i was about to leave the house for Uni my dog decided to jump up and paw at my legs- and because these are really thin it was snag and ladder central!

A lot of you have been emailing to ask what kind of tights i wear, its 15 denier and they are my absolute favs'. Its the little things :) You get like 5 in a pack for £5 or something which is amazing too so its not such a big deal if they rip!

This is also my first ever attempt at a tweed blazer, i've always thought they were far too preppy for me but this one has a leather collar which gives it more of an edge and i have to say ive been living in it recently! Another Zara favourite :)

Oh did any of you guys manage to get any Versace for H&M today? I tried on the website but it was an absolute niiightmare! So i gave up... Ive also heard that theyre delivery service takes ages, orders placed today wont arrive until like mid December?! whaaaat. That would be so annoying!

Happy Friday Eve!



Oh i forgot to say the rings im wearing are actually copper bits of pipe that I found in B&Q, i love hardware as accessories! Im thinking its the next big thing?!