Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fur Season

Hey Guys,

I feel like I’ve been looking for the perfect shaggy black coat for forever, and now I’ve found it! Of course I stumbled across it when I wasn’t supposed to be shopping in the first place, but I’m glad I did and just in time for winter in Melbourne.

Although I’m enjoying dressing for the cold (AT THE MOMENT)… its always hard when I visit my favourite UK shops online and check out what’s new and I’m bombarded with pretty summery pieces that I just cant justify buying 6 months in advance.  I’m really jealous of you all back in UK getting some sunny sunny days and heading into festival season!  

Maybe I need to arrange a quick stint back to get my fix of the British summer?



Thursday, 5 June 2014

Rugging Up

Hat- ASOS. Bag- Vintage- Scarf- Ishika. Boots- ASOS

I've always been a fan of multifunctional items, things that double up as other items, with other purposes in all sorts of useful and imaginative ways.

At the moment im channelling this love of mine through this oversized scarf come poncho, come throw, come heat insulation device, which has seen me through many social situations or circumstances (it also doubles up as a picnic blanket). Basically, I  love it and I need more!


Monday, 19 May 2014


Jacket- H&M. Bag- Vintage. Boots- ASOS. Dress- H&M. Necklace- Byron Bay.

Hey Guys,

Apologies for my hiatus lately, I've been super busy over here in Melbourne, its been pretty much work, work, work, work!! But I'm back after a lovely relaxing two weeks off travelling around Australia with my parents, feeling very rejuvenated and ready to show you what I've been buying recently :).

I finished up my holiday with a trip to Byron Bay, which was such a cool place and the shops were really good there. So many cute bohemian/hippie boutiques dotted about and I got some great pieces of jewellery including this necklace.

I also got this shaggy jacket from H&M the other week- YES we finally have a H&M in Australia which opened in Melbourne's GPO around a month ago. It's such an impressive building and a really amazing shop fit, the queues outside the doors on the weekend have only just begun to die down! I know where my pay is going to be going for the next couple of weeks!