Thursday, 29 September 2011


Cardi- Topshop . T-shirt - Illustrated people . Boots- Topshop

Ola Friends,

I know this may not seem like a practical outfit choice just before we hit October but the weather is doing funny things here and i plan on taking full advantage of it!

I'm not usually a fan of slogan t-shirts but I'm going to give this illustrated people's one a chance because its cute and i think it deserves one. (its also really comfortable and great for throwing on over anything)

I can tell already this cable knit cardi is going to be a winter wardrobe stable. I only tend to introduce a few colours to my wardrobe each season and this time i think burgundy will definitely be one of them! (possibly a bit of blue and mustard yellow too).

And i have got to say, although its only been a week, I'm SO glad to be back dressing like a scruffy student again. The whole office attire thing was a nice change for a while but getting dressed for uni is way more fun.

Hope you've all been having a nice week, roll on friday tomorrow! i sense some beer garden action in the up and coming days.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pretty Jumper Dress

Dress- ASOS . Kimono - Topshop . Belt - Warehouse . Bag - H&M(gift) . Shoes- Topshop .

Hi guys,

 i don't know why i haven't showed you this jumper dress yet, i got it a week or two ago and have discovered it goes with evvverrryythiiing! I wore it firstly on a night out just on its own with some court shoes and a statement necklace, then again a few days later to work over some jeans, and then to uni with some leather leggings and this kimono and NOW like this on this sunny evening!

So i went onto asos to find the link for you guys because i think you all need one in your lives right now and they've done it again! i dont know why they keep doing this to me, but they have a flash sale, it ends in 48 hours and im not paid yet!!! aaaaaaaaaahh. Im going to have to think of a master plan to resolve this issue, leave it with me.

Also, its not my fault and i cant help it but I love this song just now...

oooh ooooh ooooh Mick Jagger.

I love Mick Jagger.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Topshop Unique

Wow, it was really hard to just pick a few so here are some of my favourite pieces from Topshop Unique for spring summer 2012.

I'm absolutely loving the Cleopatra Egyptian vibe that runs through the whole collection, It almost tricked me into thinking that we're skipping winter and heading straight for some Summer pyramid sun. Unfortunately this is not the case, the sad reality was brought back to my attention as mid day dream, i gazed out the window of the Uni library to see it pissing with rain... :( booo.

Oh well, lets invest in some new Autumn pieces and possibly some rain hoods (i'd opt for this one over this one) and embrace the rain because at least the plants are getting watered!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Alexander Wang - S/S 2012

AHHHHhhh, I'm in my elephant (element).

I've had so much reading to catch up on in the fashion world this week after being away on Holiday, especially with New York Fashion week going on and the first show i wanted to make a pit stop at was Wang Spring Summer 2012.Wow! he never seems to disappoint.

I love the whole aerodynamic racer vibe to the collection, he even makes using a racing helmet as an accessory look chic. The mesh pocket detail adds the same kind of sport luxe sense to the more simplistic pieces to keep their sophistication but with a more understated twist.

Oh and the Wang shoes, amaaazing.
He's definitely hit the nail on the head and carried on the sport luxe them from his previous collections to a whole different dimension.




Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cut out Collar

shirt- republic . shorts- topshop . shoes - topshop unique . bag - zara

I've wanted a cut out collar shirt for a little while now but couldn't find one i liked for ages and was even considering trying out a little DIY stint but chickened out in the end.

BUT THEN when i was going into every shop imaginable in a last minute attempt to try and get some holidays clothes i stumbled across this navy and black number in Republic of all places. so instead of coming out with some practical holiday clothing i came out with this :) come to think of it i don't think i came away with anything remotely summery that day! 

I also thought i would showcase my new "uni bag"- its going to help me learn by carrying my folders for me. It was also amazing at storing some excess luggage at the airport when our suitcase was 3kg over the limit! So practical and beautiful at the same time, definitely my new favourite.

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you've all had a nice day.



Saturday, 17 September 2011


Hi everyone! That's me back from our weeks holiday in the Algarve in Portugal. It was such a good time with amazing weather and so many fun memories.

We spent most of our days either at the beach, wondering the town or by the pool and just generally relaxing. We did a boat trip one day to visit the caves and have a BBQ on the beach but the boat wasn't maybe the best of ideas after going out the night before... there was some serious sea sickness going on!

We spent most nights on the balcony at the hotel having cocktails and listening to music and then heading out for dinner and drinks.

Coming back to the cold weather was a bit crap but I've missed blogging and have a new shirt i need to show you all tomorrow :)

Hope you're all having a good weekend.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Trousers- Topshop . top- AllSaints . Bag - Topshop .

Its taken me a good 5 years but i think i can finally say that im getting sick of skinny jeans.... :o

SO i have invested in my first pair of flares of the season. I was kind of apprehensive to start with because they are slightly reminiscent of some of the trousers i used to wear when i was younger back in the Tammy Girl days.... but actually, I'm totally loving them!

They've only had one outing so far for some last minute holiday purchases this morning but they will definitely be making more appearances in the very near future.

Right, Im off to go and exchange some euros for holidays now, so so very exciting! I will get some lovely snaps of Portugal to share with you all don't worry :)



Sunday, 4 September 2011

Athletic Leather

Shorts- H&M . Jumper- AllSaints . Shoes- Topshop. Scarf- H&M

I am in LOVE with these leather shorts I got from H&M the other day (yes, another pair!). I wore them out last night for a little outing and so many people were asking if they were real athletic/ running shorts that I just gave up and started saying yes! It seemed the easier option.
I know summer’s over but I can totally see me tighting them up and wearing them right into winter with some chunky cardigans and big boots, so definitely a good investment piece!
BUT less speak of winter because today me and my boyfriend booked a holiday to Portugal. We leave this Thursday. Yaayyyy! One last chance to dress for summer and soak up some sun until I come back here and crack on with my fourth year of uni (by which point it will probably be snowing….)

Hope you all had a good weekend!