Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Topshop Unique

Wow, it was really hard to just pick a few so here are some of my favourite pieces from Topshop Unique for spring summer 2012.

I'm absolutely loving the Cleopatra Egyptian vibe that runs through the whole collection, It almost tricked me into thinking that we're skipping winter and heading straight for some Summer pyramid sun. Unfortunately this is not the case, the sad reality was brought back to my attention as mid day dream, i gazed out the window of the Uni library to see it pissing with rain... :( booo.

Oh well, lets invest in some new Autumn pieces and possibly some rain hoods (i'd opt for this one over this one) and embrace the rain because at least the plants are getting watered!



  1. I love the pictures SPECIAL THE DRESSES ARE AMAZING!! And apsolutely agree with heading to the summer :D :)

  2. Awesome outfits...best one is the blue one.



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