Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Trousers- Topshop . top- AllSaints . Bag - Topshop .

Its taken me a good 5 years but i think i can finally say that im getting sick of skinny jeans.... :o

SO i have invested in my first pair of flares of the season. I was kind of apprehensive to start with because they are slightly reminiscent of some of the trousers i used to wear when i was younger back in the Tammy Girl days.... but actually, I'm totally loving them!

They've only had one outing so far for some last minute holiday purchases this morning but they will definitely be making more appearances in the very near future.

Right, Im off to go and exchange some euros for holidays now, so so very exciting! I will get some lovely snaps of Portugal to share with you all don't worry :)




  1. i love them on you, i remember the days when flares were so in. have a fab holiday!x

  2. loves this look on you
    amazing thin legs!

    New outfitpost

  3. I've been waiting for the world to get sick of skinnies, cos flares are a million times more flattering when you're as short as I am!
    Tammy attached a cringe-worthy association with a lot of 90s, 00s garb... tell me I'm not the only one that sported flares with GAP jumpers & sketchers... serious cringe.

    Love this, & I'm definitely going to be sporting this look for the next couple of seasons x

  4. You've made me want to dig out my old flares! You look so effortlessly cool as always!

  5. gorgeous! those pants look stunning on you x

  6. could you add the link of the trousers?i love them and neeeeeeeed them ;)

  7. wow!!!perfect outfit =)

  8. I'm from Portugal and you'll love our country!
    You must visit Lisbon and Baixa/Chiado, is the place where you find more fashionable people!

    Btw, Love the outfit!

  9. amazing, love your trousers!
    Krissy xoxo

  10. Ha I loved tammy girl, then when you got a bit older it was all about etam :P Have an amazing holiday. Id love you to check out my (very new!) blog on your return! Thanks, Ruby xx

  11. I love your hair :D amazing look!

    follow :)

  12. I love the bag so much!! :D

    Check my Blog
    and on-line store !! :)

  13. Beautiful as always!!

  14. im sick of skinnies too! Ive started throwing on my 7 for all mankind flares every now and then to mix it up

    Rianna xxx

  15. LOVE the flares... they're so well cut! Definitely a long way from the old Tammy Girl favourites!

    Natalie Xxx

  16. haha - i remember the tammy girl days and i look back with sheer horror. you look fantastic in this outfit, love love love ! these trousers are so good. xxx

  17. so glad you did bought them...with the hat basic tucked in top...PERFECT!


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