Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Jumper- Zara. Gillet- Topshop. Skort- Zara. Bag- Ebay. Shoes- Zara. Hat- Sportsgirl
 Hey everyone,

Im feeling a little in weather limbo at the moment here in Melbourne, we're in that awkward transition stage where its too warm to dress for winter but too cold to be in spring gear! And its round about this point where im sick to death of my winter wardbrode and want so many new things which is VERY dangerous for my bank balance! Eeeek.

 Im also pleased to announce the arrival of my new Zara boots which I have been trying to track down for a few weeks now. Imagine my delighted little face when I walk into Zara on pay day weekend to see these little beauties sitting on the shelf in my size!

I decided to give my hair a little DIY makeover too! I was getting really fed up with my long hair and the maintenance that comes with it so hacked it off in a moment of spontaneity! Naturally i regretted it two days later ! But is aaall good, its feeling a lot healthier and i've talked myself into liking it by saying i've been kind to my hair in letting it grow in healthily. What do you guys think?! Maybe i'm just not used to the change!

Hope you've all been having a good week!



Friday, 23 August 2013


Jumper- The Lost Lanes. Skort- Zara. Shoes- Zara. Bag- Ebay
Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of communications from Australia so far! Its been a little bit of a hectic time settling into my new job plus I also had some camera drama again- no fun. BUT dont stress I have things to show you and fashions to share so KEEP YOU PEEKERS PEALED.

I thought id share this little outfit from Scotland a few weeks back in the meantime because im getting nostalgic and missing the UK while it rains in Melbourne. Every time ive tried to get new blog posts for you all recently its either rained or been windy on me. BUT im gonna try again this weekend so you can see what ive been channeling on of late.

Hopefully this weekend will bring perfect weather conditions and joy to us all!

Happy Friday everyone :)



Thursday, 8 August 2013

Acid Wash

T-shirt- Zara. Jeans- Topshop. Belt- Vintage. Shoes- Topshop. Bag- Moschino. Sungasses- Zara. 
Hey guys,

Sorry for the little delay in posts this week. its been a really busy week getting settled into my new job! But Im absolutely loving it so far and learning so much already :).

Today I'm channeling my inner Kelly Kapowski in this 70's inspired outfit. I love these acid wash mum jeans, they are the best fit in the world and I've been living in them the past few weeks (I may have also bought them in grey too).

I also bought these sandals from Topshop in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago for $100 only to find that they were on sale in the UK for £25!! Let's pretend we didnt discover that... Australian prices are crazy, you pay twice as much for everything just because.

I have some e-mails I still ned to reply to so im really sorry If you havent heard from me yet, im not being rude just busy!!! I will get back on track this weekend :)