Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Dress- Aqua Couture. Shoes- Zara. Bag- Zara. Necklace- Gift
As promised, here is the dress i wore last Thursday for the Burns night.I love the structure of this dress, its amazing and fits to well! The fringing is also detachable which is a major plus meaning it also doubles up as the perfect little black dress :)

Aqua is definitely one of my go to brands for evening wear, you'll always get something different that fits well. It also comes in a shorter length which is really cute too but of course i had to go for the more dramatic and impractical look :)

Im loving being back to uni just now, i probably wont be saying that in a couple of weeks though- its about to get stressful!  A lot of you have been asking about my course, Im in my fourth year of studying Fashion Management at RGU and have really enjoyed it. For more information on the course or entry requirements click here.



Saturday, 28 January 2012


Top-ASOS. Skirt- H&M. Bag- Zara. Shoes- Topshop
Hi guys,

Here is another little top i got from ASOS the other day. Its a really lightweight airtex material- a fabric that i fell in love with again after seeing Alexander Wang's SS 12 collection. I love the neon piping too, just enough colour without being too over powering and it doubles up as a nicely top for the gym- EFFICIENT. You can find it here!

The Burns night went really well on Thursday and the dress fitted perfectly! Pictures coming soon :) Hope you are all having a nice weekend, im back to Uni on Monday so seriously need to get some reading done! Its just over two months until i have to hand my dissertation in eeeeeeek. I may possibly need your help with a few little questionnaires but i'll tell you more about that later!

Thanks again for all of your comments recently, i really appreciate it.


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ooooh Floral

Trousers- ASOS. Top- Zara. Silver cuff- KG .Shoes- Topshop. Bag- Zara
I love these ASOS trousers so much, Ive barely taken them off since i've got them . Possibly a tiiiiny bit summery for the antarctic conditions we're currently experiencing in Scotland but thats ok! AND even better they come in petite, curve and maternity sizes too! Mine are size 4 petite but im the size of a borrower so they fit ok. Find them HERE   :)

I got this top a while back and its had a fair few outings but i think this is the first time i've blogged it! It came in black as well which i was highly tempted by but i'm being such a poor student right now. I need to win the lottery or something (It would probably help if i actually played it though....)

Oh I finally found a dress for this burns night on Thursday by the way! It arrived today but i havent tried it on yet... fingers crossed it fits right!

Thank you all for your lovely comments and e-mails of support recently :) i've been to the doctors today about the crash and luckily i've escaped with some whiplash and thats all.

Here you go have some Beyonce :)


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Top- ASOS . Trousers- All Saints. Bag- Zara. Shoes- Topshop
Hi guys, happy Sunday! Hope you've had a good one.

Here's what i'm wearing today, although its been a pretty unproductive ! We went out to celebrate my birthday last night and judging by my hangover we had FAR too much fun.

Anyways, i saw this top on ASOS and was drawn to it straight away. It kind of reminds me of an American football top, its got a cool sports luxe vibe to it. You can find it here  :)

I had a huuuge ASOS trawl the other day as i have a Burns night on Thursday and need to find a dress for it! I ended up buying lots of nice things, unfortunately none of these things were a pretty Burn's night dress so i am still on the hunt!

Hope you've all had a good weekend :) i'm definitely having a duvet and Haribo afternoon.



Thursday, 19 January 2012

Chiffon Yellow

Shorts- c/o China Doll Boutique. Top- DIY . Belt-Vintage . Shoes- Zara. Bag- Zara
Hi Everyone,

I know its still only January and i'm looking awfully summery, but I'm loving yellow just now. I think we're going to be seeing a lot of it for Spring/Summer 12 so got my hands on these shorts from China Doll Boutique a little early in preparation :) you can find them here!

Believe it or not but these photos were taken only a couple of hours before crashing my car into a 21 tonne truck that was coming round the corner on the wrong side of a country road. Words cant describe how lucky i feel to be sitting here writing this just now. The cars destroyed but luckily i escaped with a bit of a bash to the head, some whiplash and a massiiiive scare. Things like that really put things into perspective for you and makes you appreciate life so much more.

Anyways, i guess what im trying to say is don't take anything for granted. You never know what could happen next.



Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Tattoos

Skirt- H&M. Top- American Apparel. Belt- Vintage . Bag- Zara. Shoes - Zara

Hi Guys, I hope you've all had a good weekend!

I thought i'd show you all my two new tattoos that i got the other day, they're both written in Arabic and are phrases that mean something to me. Its my birthday on Tuesday and getting inked has kind of turned into a birthday tradition- its the only time i really seem to get round to it. The one my spine was rather painful but so worth it, i love both of them :)

Another reason for posting was this amazing skirt that i got from H&M. Ive been looking for a pleated leather skirt for a little while but none of them seemed to fit nicely but this one fits like a glove!

I got my last piece of Uni coursework handed in on Friday and i'm so so SO happy to have a little bit of time off before i get back on the dissertation. Plenty of blogging time :)

Ive also been thinking its about time i get a nice banner or something for my page because it looks awfully bare just now! Any suggestions?!



Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Top- Topshop . Skirt- Zara . Bag- Zara . Shoes- Zara . Hat- Jack Wills . Necklace-Gift
 Hi Everyone,

The majority of what i am wearing here were Christmas gifts! Everything minus the skirt and hat :)
I got this bralet top from my friend Amanda, the statement necklace from my friend Eilidh and the bag and shoes from my dad (although he might have had a little help!) and i really really love them all!

Also I was going to ask! Im getting a bit bored with my hair and its faded a lot anyways. I cant decide whether to go back to blonde, or darker or just keep it them same?! what are your thoughts?! help meeee im so ruthless when it comes to my hair! p.s no one say a black perm because thats a no go.

Thank you for all the comments and e-mail on my last couple of posts. A lot of you were asking if you could find the ombre jumper online but i couldnt see it anywhere, i got mine in the store! Maybe they would send to your nearest store if you phoned up? Also mine is a size small but they all look pretty big! :) Hope this helps.

 (p.p. s i forgot to say my bracelet is a yellow leather one of those things you got back in the 90's that you slapped on your wrist and it wraps itself round it. Its so much fun :) )

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ombre Jumper

Jumper- Vero Moda . Skirt- H&M. Bag- Zara . Shoes- Zara. Hat- Jack Wills
Hi friends!

Ive been living in this ombre jumper of late so of course i had to blog it to you guys! I highly recommend investing in one, its off the richter scale on the comfort front.

This bag was also an Xmas gift, i LOVE it and have been storing my life in it ever since!

Anyways, just a short but sweet post for you today as i have a deadline looming (tomorrow aaaahh) so really must get back to the books!

Hope you've all had a good weekend :)



Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year

Dress- ASOS . Belt- Vintage. Bag- Zara . Shoes- Zara .
 HI guys,

This is what i wore for New Years Eve! I had quite a quiet one and just went for a meal with family and friends then watched some fireworks and had a few cocktails . (When i say cocktails i mean jaeger bombs)

I was a bit apprehensive about wearing this dress to go and see some fireworks because i thought it would annoy me but it was actually ok! possibly due to the fact i spent most of it on my friend Eilidh's shoulders :)

My younger sister got me this vintage belt for Christmas, i love it so much! and as you can see im wearing those Zara shoes again!

I really love this yellow bag, i think yellow is going to be one of my favourites this season i cant get enough of it!

Hope you all had a good new year too !



Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Beautiful Shoes

First and foremost, i can only apologise infinitely for my lack of posts this week, I'm drowning in uni work and ended up loosing almost an entire report the other day when my computer crashed- i know…i cried!

But at least this means i have loads of nice things saved up to show you !!

Including this pair of shoes that my dad bought me for Christmas:

I share these with great urgency as i have just gone onto their website to source these photographs and they are ON SALE. find them here!!
They are probably one of the comfiest pairs of shoes i've owned and ive barely taken them off my feet :)

I havent even had time to shop these past two weeks which is LUDICROUS because that's my all time favourite thing to do (not even online.. ! ). But dont worry i will be sharing many an outfit with you over the next couple of weeks as i have plenty to share.

I also thought i would let you all see an interview i did for an article for an online magazine written by Joanne McGillivary which you can find HERE. I thought it was pretty cool! (p.s im on p.38)