Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Beautiful Shoes

First and foremost, i can only apologise infinitely for my lack of posts this week, I'm drowning in uni work and ended up loosing almost an entire report the other day when my computer crashed- i know…i cried!

But at least this means i have loads of nice things saved up to show you !!

Including this pair of shoes that my dad bought me for Christmas:

I share these with great urgency as i have just gone onto their website to source these photographs and they are ON SALE. find them here!!
They are probably one of the comfiest pairs of shoes i've owned and ive barely taken them off my feet :)

I havent even had time to shop these past two weeks which is LUDICROUS because that's my all time favourite thing to do (not even online.. ! ). But dont worry i will be sharing many an outfit with you over the next couple of weeks as i have plenty to share.

I also thought i would let you all see an interview i did for an article for an online magazine written by Joanne McGillivary which you can find HERE. I thought it was pretty cool! (p.s im on p.38)




  1. A+++maazzzingly hot hot hot shoes! Love them!! The toe is so sexy! gonna check them out now! Happpy happy new year babe!

  2. ohh those shoes are amazing! i'm so tempted x

  3. They're so nice, that's why I hate computers they let us down, good luck with your work x

  4. Ooooh so glad you're back! Love those shoes :)

    Amy xxxx

  5. Gorgeous shoes. Very jealous that you own those. x

  6. I love your shoes! Congrats on the magazine feature too :) xx

  7. I love those shoes!!! So fashion and the same time comfortable!! I love it!
    Check out my blog:

  8. Wow, these are super lovely, flirty shoes. Love them all:)

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