Monday, 29 August 2011

Leather Mondays

There's nothing like some leather on leather to get rid of those Monday blues! Although when it actually comes down to it I enjoy working so don't really find Mondays too bad, but i like to party more so its the fact that the weekend's come to an end that really gets me.

I got this cardigan in Zara, a shop that I'm a big fan of right now! Ive got so many things on my wish list from there. The leggings are from h&m and the bag is Toppers -promise I'll stop living in it soon, Ive got my eye on a new one but i will have to wait until i get paid!

I actually wore these leggings to my work BBQ on Friday with a loose knit jumper- which i thought was a very sensible and casual outfit... but apparently not :)

The event went really well and without any hitches, although in hindsight it may have been a better idea to supervise the marquee deconstruction instead of photocopying my face in the photo copymachine... maybe then i would have known where the table cloths were stored when the company came to collect them this morning... :) whoopsies!


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Walk in the park

shorts- topshop . jumper- amercian apparel . jacket- allsaints . shoes topshop

 Here are a few snaps from a photo shoot i did the other day. We took them down at the Uni in old Aberdeen (possibly one of the cutest parts of the city) its full of cobbled streets and there's a pretty church there too where my cousin actually got married.

It was such a sunny day and since Uni is still off for the summer it was a really peaceful location, despite one chav shouting "your fit" and lowering the tone slightly! SO embarrassing...

The photos were taken by Craig at Flixiety you can check out more of his stuff here :)

YAY YAY happy Friday eve people.

Hope you've all had a good week.


Saturday, 13 August 2011


shorts- h&m . bag-topshop . boots-topshop . t-shirt - stolen from my boyfriend
This is what i wore on a mission to find my mum a new blazer today. My feet must be so pleased with my practical choice in footwear, they're so flipping comfy and cut my journey time by about fifteen minutes!

I love that Im still getting the wear out of these little crochet shorts despite the fact that we're basically into Autumn, definitely a winner on the shorts front!

You might have noticed that my hair's been getting lighter and lighter. Ive been trying to restore my hair back to its natural colour for a while now and i'm almost there. Heres a picture of me when i was younger, ive always wanted my hair back to this:

 That's not my dog by the way, i stole him!

OH. and this song's been stuck in my head all day:

Monday, 8 August 2011

Biker Boots

Buckle back ankle boot and Romie boot - Both Jeffrey Campbell
Hatchell Harness boot and Haven distressed boot- both Free Bird by Steven

Such a dashing selection of boots! I love them all but if i had to pick i think the JC buckle backs and the Haven distressed are my favourites.

The Jeffrey Campbell Romie boots are kind of reminiscent of the Balenciaga cut out boots which are amaaazing! and I love the Wang-esque flicks on the back of these Free bird cowboy come biker renditions. wow wow wow. (perv in more detail HERE)

If i was taller I'd be rocking the flats far more often but seeing as I'm only 5"2 (and mildly vertically challenged) i like to stick to at least some kind of heel... but I'd definitely sacrifice any height issues for these pretty little boots.



Monday, 1 August 2011


jacket- vintage
skirt- h&m
jumper- Topshop
spikey ring- Topshop
Hi Everyone, Happy August! I really cant believe we're in the 8th month of the year already ahhhHHHH. Its almost Christmas :)

Ive been wearing mostly silver jewels recently but have rekindled my love for gold with the arrival of my new SPIKEY ring. I'm very partial to a spike or two.

oh here it is!

I also got my hair done recently so im sporting a much lighter golden doo,  Its helping me feel a little bit more summery and beachy while im stuck in the greyest city of them ALL. Two of my friends jetted off to NewYork today for a little 2month American Roadtrip stint, so jealous!!!!

Anyways its not all  bad because its the first of the Month and that means... NEW MAGAZINE DAY. This will definitely get me through the week.

Hope you all had a good weekend.