Thursday, 18 August 2011

Walk in the park

shorts- topshop . jumper- amercian apparel . jacket- allsaints . shoes topshop

 Here are a few snaps from a photo shoot i did the other day. We took them down at the Uni in old Aberdeen (possibly one of the cutest parts of the city) its full of cobbled streets and there's a pretty church there too where my cousin actually got married.

It was such a sunny day and since Uni is still off for the summer it was a really peaceful location, despite one chav shouting "your fit" and lowering the tone slightly! SO embarrassing...

The photos were taken by Craig at Flixiety you can check out more of his stuff here :)

YAY YAY happy Friday eve people.

Hope you've all had a good week.



  1. Love these!! <3 You look stunning :-) xxx

  2. i love these photos, you look so pretty ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  3. i would kill to have those legs! haha love the laid back look.


  4. I KNEW I recognized the location that you're in here! I go to uni there! You look amazing :) x

  5. You look fierce! Your legs seem to go on forever and I'm sure you said you were a bit petite. Haha why do they think "ya fit" is a such an amazing compliment, a 12 year old shouted it at me :| I'm obviously so attractive, maybe they thought I was 12 too. How depressing xxx

  6. 'jizz in my pants!' xxx

  7. love the photos!
    that jacket is amazing babe

    New outfit post - Lets sheer it

  8. Fan bloody tastic photos, that chav was right you do look fit! x

  9. So strange seeing Aberdeen uni in a style blogpost- I studied there!
    Great look!


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