Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Jumper- ASOS. Shorts - H&M . Necklace- Miss Selfridge . Shoes- Topshop . Bag- Zara . Cuff - ASOS
Hi Everyone, Happy Halloween!

I thought this jumper was very fitting for the occasion with the beaded cross detail, definitely one of my favourite jumpers of the moment! I also got these cute pleated chiffon culottes in H&M last week which i love, they come in cream too so i think they may also have to be a new addition to my wardrobe as well.

I cant begin to tell you how glad i am that its pay day today! Ive been SO poor this last week or so, although i actually lost my bankcard at the weekend which is probably a blessing in disguise to stop me going absolutely mad!

So as promised  here are some photographs of my ghost effort from the weekend, i wore a white dress, white shoes and a white bag and had a floaty white sheet thing for more of a ghost effect!

I love how everyone makes such an effort with their costumes on halloween, my personal favourites were a guy dressed as lady gaga complete with 45 rashers of bacon pinned to him as a meat dress and another guy who had some how managed to turn his face into a half open zip which looked really cool.

Despite coming home minus a purse but up on one fake chin and a couple of unexplained injuries it was a really fun night! let me know what you guys got up to or if your doing anythign fun tonight!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tweed Shorts

Shorts- H&M . Jumper- H&M . Shoes- Topshop . Jacket- Vintage
So this is what i wore to work yesterday (although the hat was for logistic purposes, i know it was dress down Friday but i think the hat would possibly be taking it too far!).

I love these shorts i picked up in H&M the other day, they are so multifunctional and again one off those pieces that could suit all occasions. Ive kind of dressed them down here with a hat and a leather jacked but they would be great dressed up with a blouse or silk camisole too.

I don't usually get too too excited about Halloween but we're heading out tonight to few parties and Ive decided to go as a ghost... haha i know it sounds like a bit of a cop out but i can promise you i'll style it up a bit and im painting myself/hair white which will be fun :) I will do my best to get some photos for you all!

Anyone else dressing up this weekend? Let me know what your all going as!



Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Floaty Fur

Fur waistcoat- H&M  . Vest- Topshop Boutique. Skirt- Miss Selfrige . shoes- Topshop . Bag - Vintage
I bought this skirt a while ago but it was amongst a bag of my belongings that i had left at my friend Sam's for months and months. When i finaaaally got round to collecting it there were so any hidden surprises that i had forgotten all about! (some of which i will most likely blog to you all soon).

As you can see i'm stiilll living in the new blue Topshop shoes, and ive come to the conclusion that i also need them in red.... i think my student loan could possibly make a contribution to the cause?! The only thing is, i now have a pretty nasty blister on the top of my foot but its my own fault for wearing them so much!

oHH i also need to clear something up! The jumper dress that im wearing a couple of posts below is by VerO Moda, dont listen to me when i saw VerA moda because that's wrong but thats how i saw it for some reason and therefore how i spell it! Sorry for the confusion. Oh and its available from ASOS. i hope they still have it because a lot of you were e-mailing asking about it, i hope that helps!



Monday, 24 October 2011

Red Snake

Jumper-Zara . Shirt underneath- Topshop . Shorts- H&M . Shoes - Topshop . Necklace- Miss Selfridge
Oooh this snake print jumper from Zara was such a good find! Its got a fuzzy kind of texture to it which it makes it seem warmer than it actually is. Its another great item for layering and i laaaav the burgundy red snakeprint, such an autumnal piece!

You might have also noticed that my hair has gotten mysteriously darker over night... it actually stemmed from a toner mishap but i was thinking of going a shade darker for winter anyways. I had been starting to miss my dip dyed locks too so it was a win win situation really!

you might have ALSO noticed my new shoes! i finally got my hands on them after wanting them for aaaages. I saw them a couple of weeks back on the Topshop website but they mysteriously disappeared (i was pretty heartbroken im not going lie). Thankfully they resurfaced on the site last week, i basketed them immediately and theyve barely been off my feet since. I LOVE them.

Hope you've had a fun Monday, I almost got blown away in the wind but thankfully these shoes held me down. My car also broke down which was pretty funny (apart from it making me miss a Sushi date) but its ok, i sat and ate sweets until my dad came to rescue me!



Sunday, 23 October 2011

Autumn Layers

Jumper- h&m . Jumper dress- VeraModa . T-shirt- AmericanApparel . Shoes- ASOS. Bag- h&m

A bit of layering is great for getting rid of outfit fatigue when you feel like you've worn the same things too many times!

I like to take a few of my favourite pieces and layer them up to create a more refreshing look! I've gone for a bit of a simple vibe using just a few tones and one print but clashing prints work really well too.

Hope you've all had a nice weekend :)

Happy layering people!



Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Berry Beanie

Jumper- H&M . Shorts- AmericanApparel . Shoes- ASOS (old) . Bag- Topshop
 Yay for hats. I think i spent more days last winter wearing hats than without and i have a feeling it will be the same this year! (If the antarctic conditions of today are anything to go by).

I know im saying how freezing cold it is yet im wearing shorts, which probably doesnt make much sense but there is method in the madness! This could possibly be one of the last days of the year i'll be able to wear them without tights (and just for the record i think i caught frost bite) so is therefore a tribute to bare-legged shorts. BUT im not prepared to entirely discount them yet just in case we have another freak turn in the weather :)

Thank you so so much to those who have already taken the time to quickly answer the three questions in my survey to help with my Uni coursework. For those of you who would still like to do it i'll just post it again... HERE

Thanks millions :)



Sunday, 16 October 2011

Kimono Shirt

Shirt- VeraModa . Top- Topshop . Shorts- Topshop . Shoes- Asos
I neeeed to show you all this shirt kimono i got the other week, I almost bought one at the start of Summer but for some reason changed my mind and regretted it ever since. I'd been looking for everywhere but with all the Autumn clothes in the shops just now it was hard to find, but just as i was giving up hope i came across this one in VeraModa and i love it!

I used to wear these shoes a lot but haven't worn them i a while, they are really high but the platform makes them so so easy to walk in! Unfortunately they're about a year old so i don't think you'll be able to get them now :(

As promised here are a few Q&A's:

-What does your tattoo on your leg say?

It means "strength, love, happiness" and its written in Latin. i did a post a few months ago that kind of explains all of my tattoos in more detail :) here.

-Is your tan natural or do you use fake tan, If so which one?

I was on holiday a few weeks ago so haven't had to fake tan in a while but when i do i use the St Tropez,  i think its more of an intense one- Not the everyday one that builds up. I use the foam instead of the cream, I find it goes on really well and doesn't smell like that horrible fake tan smell (although my boyfriend thinks it smells like biscuits?!)

-Where do you work and what do you study?

Im studying Fashion Management at Uni just now and i really enjoy it! Its got a great balance of classes like Marketing, PR and Advertising to Fashion Construction, Visual Merchandising and Buying. I also work part time for an Oil company where i organise all of their events and work on the website.

-What do you do to stay in shape?

Well... despite having a gym membership i don't go that often (maybe once a week if i have time) but i used to  do (Semi)Professional Trampolining up until i was 19, a lot of people don't know that its an "actual sport" haha but i used to compete loads including the British Nationals :) so luckily i think I'm still kind of in shape from that maybe?! Also never really sit still... I'm always up and about doing things, walking my dog etc. as much as i love watching films i find the cinema a bit of a nightmare situation! I get so fidgety sitting in the same place for 2 hours.

Wow, very long post guys sorry! Ive been getting questions about hair/make-up too but i think il have to save it for another day as this has turned into a bit of a novel and i wouldnt want to bore you :) Thanks so much for your questions and i will answer the rest soon!

Hope you all had a good weekend!



Thursday, 13 October 2011

Snow Cardi

Jumper- River Island . Shorts- Topshop . Scarf- H&M . Bag - Concept

 I really needed a new patterned cardigan for this winter but most of the ones I'd seen had too many colours going on in them, Luckily I found this monochromatic Aztec print one in River Island.

I added this Fur stole from H&M to give it more of a wintry feel (also because i was freezing in those shorts!) I love these fur scarves they are so handy and they look great over leather jackets too.

Things are starting to get hectic at Uni but don't worry, i wont neglect you all! Even if i have to do "all night library chic" outfit posts i will.

Keep coming with your questions guys and I'll do a post very soon! :)


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Blue Fur

Gilet- H&M . T-shirt - Illustrated People . Trousers- Topshop . Shoes- ASOS . Bag- Topshop

Although its faux fur, I did feel a bit awkward wearing this Blue Fur gilet to take my Puppy to the vet this morning, I wasn't sure if it would be frowned upon or not but thankfully there were no disapproving looks!

Just for the record i am totally against the wearing of real fur, having been a vegetarian for many years of my life I'm a friend of the animals so wearing real fur totally freaks me out!

Im really glad i bought this t-shirt, i'm getting loads of wear out of it. I love the its oversized feel and the way its longer at the back, great for throwing on for uni or for coffee dates.

I also thought it was time that i did a bit of a question and answer session :) So if there is anything at all that you would like to ask that I haven't mentioned so far, drop me an e-mail and i will do a post for you all very very soon!


Sunday, 9 October 2011


Cardigan- Topshop . Shorts- Topshop . Hat- ASOS . Bag- Vintage . Boots- ASOS

I think its time to come to terms with the fact there will be no more  "tights or no tights" scenarios for a little while now. I don't know what its like everywhere else in the UK but in Scotland it is FREEZING.

I made a little trip to the shops yesterday to stock up on a whole new selection of black opaques, not the most riviting of trips but i did get a nice range of deniers for all occasions! I tend to go through tights at the speed of light and after one outing we're already a man down.

Here are a few tight rescuing techniques i like to use:

1) Spray tights with hairspray as soon as you put them on (reduces risk of rip-age)
2) Paint any emerging rips with clear nail varnish- black also works
3) If the hole is quite big, staple it together with a stapler
4) If you have none of these, embrace the rips and work the shabby chic grunge look.

If any of you have any more tips to bring to the table, please let me know and i'll add them on :)

I also just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your lovely comments and e-mails, i appreciate every single one. Its great to hear your feedback and im just really glad you like reading my blog!

So here's a Sunday treat for you all for being so KIND. I saw him play live last night and he was amazing. Enjoy