Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tweed Shorts

Shorts- H&M . Jumper- H&M . Shoes- Topshop . Jacket- Vintage
So this is what i wore to work yesterday (although the hat was for logistic purposes, i know it was dress down Friday but i think the hat would possibly be taking it too far!).

I love these shorts i picked up in H&M the other day, they are so multifunctional and again one off those pieces that could suit all occasions. Ive kind of dressed them down here with a hat and a leather jacked but they would be great dressed up with a blouse or silk camisole too.

I don't usually get too too excited about Halloween but we're heading out tonight to few parties and Ive decided to go as a ghost... haha i know it sounds like a bit of a cop out but i can promise you i'll style it up a bit and im painting myself/hair white which will be fun :) I will do my best to get some photos for you all!

Anyone else dressing up this weekend? Let me know what your all going as!




  1. you are so inspiring for me! ;)

  2. You look amazing, love the outfit and the shorts are really flattering x


  3. Hey! Nice pix and your shortd are stunning :)

  4. Love this look... the shorts are amazing!

    The Deer Head


  5. You look amazing!

  6. Love the outfit, especially the shorts! AMAZING

  7. those shorts are really cute, aah you always look so amazing.

    im going as a witch... also sounds like a cop out, but i'm going to spray my hair green which im massively excited about. just hope it washes out, eek x

  8. I'd really love to know how you're going to do the ghost idea. I've got a party on Monday and neeed ideas, and that sounds cool. What will you wear/hair/make up? x

  9. I was a zombie last night, the fake blood has stained my face, didn't come off in the shower. I love the shorts x

  10. Such a coool outfit!! LOVE the tweed shorts and those shoes are fantastic!

  11. Cool the tweed shorts!Your look is great!


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