Sunday, 16 October 2011

Kimono Shirt

Shirt- VeraModa . Top- Topshop . Shorts- Topshop . Shoes- Asos
I neeeed to show you all this shirt kimono i got the other week, I almost bought one at the start of Summer but for some reason changed my mind and regretted it ever since. I'd been looking for everywhere but with all the Autumn clothes in the shops just now it was hard to find, but just as i was giving up hope i came across this one in VeraModa and i love it!

I used to wear these shoes a lot but haven't worn them i a while, they are really high but the platform makes them so so easy to walk in! Unfortunately they're about a year old so i don't think you'll be able to get them now :(

As promised here are a few Q&A's:

-What does your tattoo on your leg say?

It means "strength, love, happiness" and its written in Latin. i did a post a few months ago that kind of explains all of my tattoos in more detail :) here.

-Is your tan natural or do you use fake tan, If so which one?

I was on holiday a few weeks ago so haven't had to fake tan in a while but when i do i use the St Tropez,  i think its more of an intense one- Not the everyday one that builds up. I use the foam instead of the cream, I find it goes on really well and doesn't smell like that horrible fake tan smell (although my boyfriend thinks it smells like biscuits?!)

-Where do you work and what do you study?

Im studying Fashion Management at Uni just now and i really enjoy it! Its got a great balance of classes like Marketing, PR and Advertising to Fashion Construction, Visual Merchandising and Buying. I also work part time for an Oil company where i organise all of their events and work on the website.

-What do you do to stay in shape?

Well... despite having a gym membership i don't go that often (maybe once a week if i have time) but i used to  do (Semi)Professional Trampolining up until i was 19, a lot of people don't know that its an "actual sport" haha but i used to compete loads including the British Nationals :) so luckily i think I'm still kind of in shape from that maybe?! Also never really sit still... I'm always up and about doing things, walking my dog etc. as much as i love watching films i find the cinema a bit of a nightmare situation! I get so fidgety sitting in the same place for 2 hours.

Wow, very long post guys sorry! Ive been getting questions about hair/make-up too but i think il have to save it for another day as this has turned into a bit of a novel and i wouldnt want to bore you :) Thanks so much for your questions and i will answer the rest soon!

Hope you all had a good weekend!




  1. Nicola, do you ever wear the same thing twice...?! You're making my current spending-ban seem very, very difficult!

    I also don't get how you make 5,2 look tall... I refuse to believe I'm the same height as you!
    Sara x

  2. Don't apologise for long posts! its nice to know more about the person behind the looks!
    This floral shirt is gorgeous! I never find anything from vera moda I like... then someone posts something lovely like this!
    Belle du Brighton

  3. so stunning! the heels and kimono are really great!

  4. Fab post hun. Loving this outfit and wow your shoes are amazing xoxo

  5. I love the kimono, I think it smells a bit like biscuits too!x

  6. Those shoes are to die for! Amazing! x

  7. so inspired by you nicola! i just wish i was brave enough to wear shorts that length in october, but you can pull it off so well. so glad i found your blog. i should really comment more saying how much i adore your style.

  8. love the black shirt in combination with the cross :)

  9. your neck tattoo is so cool :)


  10. i love this outfit, really amazing!


  11. I really do value your blogging haha!
    Such a pretty girl and fabulous style, Just one question I'm no expert but isn't Scotland supposed to be very cold and miserable yet your pictures always look so sunny haha!?


  12. the sheer kimono shirt is gorgeous!


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