Monday, 24 October 2011

Red Snake

Jumper-Zara . Shirt underneath- Topshop . Shorts- H&M . Shoes - Topshop . Necklace- Miss Selfridge
Oooh this snake print jumper from Zara was such a good find! Its got a fuzzy kind of texture to it which it makes it seem warmer than it actually is. Its another great item for layering and i laaaav the burgundy red snakeprint, such an autumnal piece!

You might have also noticed that my hair has gotten mysteriously darker over night... it actually stemmed from a toner mishap but i was thinking of going a shade darker for winter anyways. I had been starting to miss my dip dyed locks too so it was a win win situation really!

you might have ALSO noticed my new shoes! i finally got my hands on them after wanting them for aaaages. I saw them a couple of weeks back on the Topshop website but they mysteriously disappeared (i was pretty heartbroken im not going lie). Thankfully they resurfaced on the site last week, i basketed them immediately and theyve barely been off my feet since. I LOVE them.

Hope you've had a fun Monday, I almost got blown away in the wind but thankfully these shoes held me down. My car also broke down which was pretty funny (apart from it making me miss a Sushi date) but its ok, i sat and ate sweets until my dad came to rescue me!




  1. i'm actually going to come to your house and just steal the content of your wardrobe. Xx

  2. how you wear heels all day is beyond me, but that jumper is brilliant x

  3. so stunning! love the shorts :)

  4. That jumper is perfect for winter! Love it :)

  5. you look lovely =)

  6. I want that snakeskin jumper, it's gorgeous. I love how you paired it, it gives that masculine feel, but it's feminine. I would love for you to check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts.

    J.Choudhury x

  7. Love the heels but that snake print jumper is just hot!

    Hugs! ~Angel

  8. How do you walk in those shoes?! Im such a flats person, I cant stand being in pain. Id rather buy beautiful flat shoes, but your posts make me want to suck it up and just wear heels all day, everyday. I just cant win :'( xxx

  9. Lovely Red Snake topic n your top, the hat is also nice!!!

  10. amazing outfit, love your necklace ♥

  11. You look great, always do!
    Love the hat, the outfit looks amazing x



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