Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Hey guys,

Hope you all had a good weekend :). Im still trying to get used to this short hair situation and testing out different ways to style it but I'm slowly coming around to the idea- its definitely less maintenance and it feels a lot healthier now which is always a bonus.

Ive already shown you my acid wash mom jeans in an earlier post, but because they were so perfect when I tried them on, of course i had to buy them in grey too!  I could happily ditch low rides for these beauties because they are so damn comfy and I love the retro feel to them (I may have also bought them in one more colour- I have mom jeans problems).

These shoes were another love at first sight situation, you know when you feel like you just cant leave the shop without them because it will be a life long regret?! Maybe slightly dramatic but thats what shoes can do to me.

I'm very very glad that we're coming into Spring in Melbourne at the moment, firstly because everyone loves a sunny day and secondly because the lighter evenings mean I can come home from work and get some blog photos- yaaay. The weather has been a little restricting lately so hopefully this will all change soon :)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Love this look, and I had the exact shoe situation recently too, leaving them behind in the shop would have been a sin!


  2. I really love this entire outfit, your shoes are stunning and the cut and colour of the jeans is perfect! I also am SO obsessed with your hair right now xo

  3. Damn those mom jeans are utterly perfect! ANd they suit you so well! I can honestly believe you got them in two colours :)

    XO Imke

  4. Where are the shoes from, they're great! you should do a post on all your favourite places in melbourne i'm visiting soon and want insider tips!

    Katies Wardrobe


  5. love this outfit, so simple! those jeans look way comfy x

  6. ah love these jeans, they look great with those stripes. I'm so excited for spring/summer too! x


  7. I love how you styled your hair! Looks good.

  8. love these jeans, you look awesome! <3


  9. This look fits you perfectly!

    Give a look to RügaBlog and meet Rüga's Fall/Winter 2013 Collection. We are sure you gonna love it!

  10. Absolutely love the shoes.. and you can't go wrong with a striped top! I'm so excited about the warmer weather here in Melbourne too xo Jess

    Your Daily Break

  11. Just stumbled across your blog, great outfits! Would be cool if you could check out ours:) xo

  12. Hi! I love your blog, i'm also a fashion marketing student in Scotland and was wondering how you moved to Australia and if you have any tips for getting jobs there? Did you get internships, work placement etc while at uni? Any advice would be great :) x

  13. Love your style, and the hair is lovely! :)



  14. where is the top from? 'm loving this :)

  15. where is the top from? 'm loving this :)


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