Friday, 13 May 2011

Daisy Chained

This daisy chain hair band was another one of my roadtrip purchases, i love it's earthy hippie chic vibe- perfect for festival season. I'm really embracing the hippie look this season, i always said that if i was around in the 70's i would have definitely been a fully fledged hippie.

A lady at work the other day actually said i was one step away from getting a peace sign tattooed on my ass. which i thought was a very good idea to be honest!

This little vest is just from Topshop and is slightly cropped but not too much, just the right length for jeans or shorts but without showing off any mid rift. The khaki shorts are from AllSaints and the belt is Vintage.

Happy Friday ;)




  1. Just found your blog via!

    Great pics.

    Would love if you check out
    Merci, SH

  2. i'm so in love with your style !

  3. I saw your link from IFB! Love your style and followin' ya!


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