Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Late Nights

There's something really refreshing about going out for a walk in the dark. I live in a really quiet area so its safe enough and Its great for clearing your head after a busy day.

Another thing that sets me up for a good night's sleep is some Liz Earle facial cleansing! Honestly the stuff is amazing, I swear by it.

First you start with the hot cloth and polish treatment which leaves your skin so so soft, then sometimes I use the exfoliater depending on how my skins looking and then I finish with the toner and moisturiser. They also have an intensive cleansing mask which I use once a week or something just for a little revitalisation. 

 It's pretty reasonably priced and if i had to pick one out of the range it would be the Hot cloth and Polish which is only about £15 for a bottle (magic in a bottle).

Oh also a friend showed me this song the other day and i really like it so thought i would share it with you guys too :) it's really pretty and great for a relaxing night time listen.

Hope you like



  1. That snakeskin print is amazing!! Love this look.


  2. love sufjan stevens, absolutely amazing musician! almost bought that top yesterday, really making me wish i did now. x

  3. looove this. now following you!

  4. I love your edgy fashion forward style. It's still chic with a tint of bad girl vibe x

  5. Literally love everything you wear, I think it would be impossible for you to less than amazing! x

  6. i clicked older posts like 10 times! after i saw you being introduced at tobacco & leather and i had to see more of those outfits. and i agree, i love every single one of them. one style but so versatile.

    this is till now my favorite! the fringe and snake...pff so cool.



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