Thursday, 19 May 2011

Infamous Crochet Shorts

Shorts- H&M
T-shirt- American Apparel
Ballet Pumps
Bag- Miss Selfridge

Yay, Im so happy I finally sourced a pair of the infamous H&M crochet shorts! I love the way they fit, they look kinda huge on the hanger but actually fit like a glove :).You can't see them too well but im also wearing my little Ballet pumps, I rarely wear flats but live in these shoes when I'm around and about the house.

It felt so summery today I love being able to drive around with the windows down, its my favourite past time. I was on a little road trip out to Macro to purchase 1kg of sweeties for the goodie bags for our Uni Fashion show next friday. If any of you live in Aberdeen or near you should definitely come :) -info on how to get tickets is here

I went to a little French restaurant called Cafe Boheme for dinner last night and the food was amazing, they have this Salmon Cupcake dish which is actually presented as a cupcake- paper and everything. If you live in Aberdeen or are ever stopping by I would definitely recommend it, some of the best food i've had in ages.

We ended up going for drinks afterwards and meeting a few friends which resulted in 2 hours sleep and a teepee but thankfully I'm feeling surprisingly fresh and off to get some Ice cream!

Lots of Love

Nic xxxx


  1. They really are infamous now those shorts-but that's beacuase they are so amazing! really want to get my hands on a pair!
    You look great, and so tanned! jealous.
    Loving your blog xx

  2. geez who knew aberdeen was where the sun was at in scotland! looking like a bronzed beach goddess all in white. :)

  3. You look amazing, and I love the shorts! And your tatto!

  4. your tattoo is gorgeous! those shorts are also amazing. that garden looks so pretty and chilled :)
    R - hello scrapbook

  5. LOOOOOVE your crochet shorts, super sweet and sexy.

  6. Love this look, the shorts look awesome :) xx

  7. Always love your looks. amazing style

  8. Those crochet shorts look great!! And how badass to put the tattoo there!

  9. Hi there!

    I love all your looks and I featured this one on my 7 favorite blogger outfits of the week on my blog, Stylocrat. Hope you enjoy!


  10. Hi !
    Just discovered your blog and I have to say you are so pretty !
    This outfit is lovely


  11. i have those shorts too! they're amazing. they look good on you!
    and man i love your sunglasses, i want a pair of round sunglasses for the summer xx


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