Monday, 14 November 2011

Clashing Prints

Jacket- Vintage. Trousers- Topshop . Vest- Vintage. Blouse- Topshop. Bag- Topshop
Im still loving these flares, mostly for the fact that they make me look taller than i actually am but also because they re a nice breath of fresh air from all the skinny jeans and leggings that are everywhere.

Im also partial to a bit of mixing/clashing prints  too just now and i think these blue florals compliment the  snakeprint perfectly. Its quite funny, when i was younger i used to think that wearing blue and black was thee ultimate fashion crime! But now i wear them together all the time- almost a daily basis!

So you'l also be pleased to hear that i went back and bought that coat, so much instant happiness from that one transaction i dont know why i was even contemplating it! Pictures coming soon. Actually talking of jackets, i saw this kind of structured, quilted slightly cropped number one day when i was out shopping and was half considering it, then a few days later i saw someone wearing it and decided i really wanted it but cant remember where i saw it! so annoying! anyone know which jacket im talking about? help mee!



  1. this outfit can't be anymore perfect, LOVE. Found you on lookbook, so good!!!

    April Lyn

    the suit for dreams.

  2. Love your blouse!!
    I follow you for few months ago and I love it!!

  3. your hair looks amazing!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. this outfit is amazing. love the clashing prints and the flares - they look so good on you miss endless legs! x

  5. No idea sorry but I will look out for it. I love your ring x

  6. Amazing outfit :) Such a nice change to see flares cropping up on a blog!

  7. Topshop have a quilted cropped leather biker jacket in their boutique section atm, think it's sold out online though and they have a faux leather one with removable fur that I have my eye on :) x

  8. A great look. Love that topshop bag, presume its old stock?

  9. these pants suit you very well :) great look :) i love your hair


  10. great pants an1d outfit!
    kisses sweatie

  11. OH! YSL arty ring! Love it x


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