Thursday, 3 November 2011

Oxblood Jumper

Leather vest- Religion . Shirt- Topshop (old) . Jumper- ASOS. Cullotes - H&M . Shoes- ASOS
So this was actually yesterday and oh my goodness it was windy! Im not complaining though, today its been pouring of rain which is definitely worse.

I have to admit that although this outfit looked better minus the tights, i did put some on before embarking on my day to day business to avoid strange looks//hypothermic feelings!

Im still loving these culottes although i went and revisited them in beige and i definitely prefer them in black. This oxblood jumper is another new favourite of mine, i love the sheer kind of shredded fabric- SO impractical but SO aesthetically pleasing and great for layering. My friends thought that i looked more like I'd been frequenting the Upper Eastside (GossipGirl-esque) rather than the streets of Aberdeen, but somehow i don't think i would have quite made the cut!

OH also i had a chat with iFashion Magazine

 you can read the article here :)

p.s I also  mention my twitter account in the interview which I've never really mentioned before on here!  I havent actually Tweeted yet but this can be my new November resolution! follow me on @nicola_ ck and I'll try and have some good chat for you all...! :)




  1. Love your outfit, especially the leather vest! and congrats on the article too :)
    Tasha @ So On Trend x

  2. That is a simply gorgeous color.

  3. I love the outfit, them h&m short things are so nice, I said that last time haha, you must be so cold in Aberdeen!x

  4. I love the beautiful colors, especially the red! Just amazing!


  5. Gorgeous as ever! I love your outfit combinations and your style. I dont think I can say it enough. Congrats on the article, thats brilliant news :D xxx

  6. great!

  7. Beautiful! As always!

  8. i cannot quite get over how beautiful that leather vest is xx

  9. Love this look, the jumper is a gorgeous colour! Definitely still maintaining an edge over the preppy Upper Eastside!

    & thanks again for the interview, looks good.


  10. UHHMAZZZING outfit and style !! You've definitely gained yourself a follower ! x


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