Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Studs and Fur

Shorts- Topshop (old) . Jumper- Zara . Fur stole- H&M . Shoes- Topshop . Bag - Zara
Im so glad to have these shorts back in my life (another item i'd abandoned at my friends house) i used to wear them all the time but its just a shame its coming into winter.

This jumper is so comfy too and i love the elbow pad details, its a slightly older item too but i reckon it wouldnt be too hard to DIY it.

Does anyone else feel like the shops are getting ready for Christmas too early this year? Even the supermarkets have their Christmas food in. I love getting in the festive spirit as much as the next person but i feel like im getting too excited too early!



  1. beautiful outfit! i love those shorts.

  2. Yes, it seems that each year, retailers prepare for the holidays earlier and earlier. Back in August, I even saw Xmas decorations! Love your elbow patches and faux fur stole!

  3. gorgeous look, love every each detail

  4. I have a christmas tree and lights in my bedroom.. It is never too soon. I love the shorts x

  5. Those shorts are amazing, absolutely wonderful! Such a shame they're not in stores anymore. And I love your hair! xoxo

  6. I really love your shorts! The entire style is awesome!

    Kisses from:

  7. Cooolest shorts!I love it.


  8. So refreshing to find a blogger that has a really distinct sense of personal style that isn't dressed up for the camera or dripping in designer. Your blog is fantastic. Following!

    FashTub xo

  9. I'm with you on the getting excited way to early but the time Christmas gets here I'm all Christmassed out! x

  10. Love this outfit loads! I want it! :) xx


  11. Two words, perfectly stylish. I love the shorts, they are just gorgeous with what your wearing. It's nothing really new about the decorations for the holidays this time of year. It's better to start earlier then not get anything at the last minute. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts.



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