Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beaded Skirts

Bronze Beaded skirt - Topshop
Tshirt- American Apparel
Bag- Gift from Emily
Headband- H&M
Ive got lots of love for beaded skirts just now,  you can dress them up or down and wear them with virtually anything and still look fashionable.

I think this is my second favourite beaded number of the moment, beaten by this beauuuutiful one here that my friend Emily has from AllSaints:

 It is amazing! AllSaints also have a few other beaded skirts that you can find here.

I think its far more worthwhile investing in an amazing skirt like this rather than a dress that you would probably only wear once because there are so many different ways you can wear it. So if you're feeling indecisive over a skirt- Purchase justified :)

A really lovely friend is taking me to see Kings of Leon in Edinburgh in two weekends time, i'm so excited and cant stop listening to this:



  1. Love it, casual stying for quite a dressy item, works really well! That all saints one is so gorgeous, just a bit expensive! But then again it is like a work of art!
    Thanks, my tattoo says 'hauora' which means well-being in Maori, my great great grandmother was a Maori tribeswoman so its a nod to my heritage. I like your tattoos too, they are so addictive I deff want more! xx

  2. Love everything you wearing, completely agree with Emma about how well the casual styling works with the beaded skirt, which is absolutely gorgeous! x

  3. I've being eye'ing up the all saints one for awhile now, but I do prefer yours! x


  5. Amazing look! I love the bag!

  6. The skirt is AMAZING. I love how your styled it!


  7. I love your style!~ tha allsaints skirt is to die for!! wowowowow

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  8. I really like this look,skirts like this one are really cool and I love this combination!
    great blog!

  9. Awh Nic, absolutely love this one! <3 Smooch


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