Friday, 3 June 2011

Levi's and Lazy Days

I cant remember the last time I've actually done nothing... but today i got the rare chance to just chill in my garden with my puppy, reading magazines.

Its been ridiculously sunny these last few days so i ended up going for a few drinks last night with friends and naturally ended up sourcing a wind machine, dancing to Sclub7, making friends with a man sleeping on the street and causing a riot in the 24hour shop.

This is what i've been wearing today, even though its been a chilled out day i feel like i always have to make some kind of an effort with my outfit.

It's feeling totally summery just now, i hope the weather stays like this for next weekend! Camping in the rain-not so fun.

Happy Friday!




  1. I love how your outfit is so simple. great shorts! i need to get me some vintage levi's


  2. I love this outfit!! Very laid back yet stylish!!


  3. i love such shorts!! great look

    (giveaway on my blog)

  4. Love this, I must of tried on a million vintage levis the other day at UO and couldn't find the perfect ones...Guess its just trial and error.
    You have a fab figure btw, do you go to the gym or just naturally blessed!? x


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