Thursday, 9 June 2011

Black Navajo

I'd never be able to wear this kind of outfit here in the UK, but theres no harm in styling for those hypothetical situations... :)

This is the kind of thing id love to wear to a festival in the sun like Coachella, Sonar or Benicassim but I think the hat is the only item that will make the cut into my Rockness packing list for tomorrow ! (which i havent even started yet, aahhh)

Its actually forecast to rain the whole weekend but Its ok, it will just add to the festival fun! don't worry, I will try and get some good snaps to blog to you all at the start of next week hopefully involving some kind of massive mud slide.

OH and my ASOS package with my snakebite leggings appeared! After trawling around all of my neighbours houses in search of them this morning, one of them finally turned up at my door this afternoon with them, DELIGHTED. I don't know why the delivery man thought it was OK to drop them off at a completely different address though...

Anyways hope everyone has a good weekend, especially anyone going to Rockness.



  1. I can totally see this at a festival though I agree probably not in England would probably freeze! Glad you managed to track down your package! x

  2. This outfit is HOT, can totally see it working at Coachella! Hope you have an amazing time at Rockness, I loved it last year x

  3. I love the outfit, the wedges are gorgeous!
    haha you sure wear it in the UK anyway, youd be talk of the town ;) but you might die of hypothermia haha

    gorgeous outfit post as usual.
    i love love love your style!

  4. We found your blog right now and we really love it!!!
    Follow you,of curse :)
    You are so pretty!


  5. love, love it ! damn, how many times i have wrote it under your posts ? :)

  6. I love your tattoos! I love the outfit!


  7. gosh, you have AMAZING shoes!

  8. ^
    I agree!!
    Just found your blog and I'm hooked already! lol
    You have a amazing figure and that tattoo placement is genius....
    Love the look!!!
    Would you mind sharing the name of those shoes? I am in lerve. lol

  9. I'm in total looove with your wedges! amazing look, dear! xxx

  10. this is definitely a music concert-worthy outfit! i'm in love with it! gawd, where did you get those awesome wedges?

  11. Love this, you look amazing, x

  12. wow, this outift is so good!
    where doyou get this shirt? :)


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