Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Full Cirlcle

I'm still a big fan of the midi skirt and fell in love with this one by Full Circle as soon as i saw it on ASOS. They didn't actually have any of my size left so I had to investigate further and manged to track one down from their own website here.

I've never really come across any of their stuff before but they have a few cool pieces, kind of reminds me of Alexander Wang who i am a massiiiive fan of he never seems to get it wrong.

Rockness last weekend was amazing fun but i now feel like i have come down with Glandular fever, Sinusitis, Flu and a throat infection all at once! It was definitely worth it though and on the plus side I am now living off Yoghurt and Ice cream :)




  1. wow, you have such a beautiful figure!
    loving this outfit and your shoes!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. Absolutely adore that skirt! Love how it gathers in the front! Loving your blog too! Follow each other?

  3. love this look, whereabouts is your necklace from?

  4. All of your clothes are amazing! Your wardrobe is to die for :D x x


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